Chicago Police DepartmentGeneral Order G03-03-03
Helicopter Support of Motor Vehicle Pursuits
Issue Date:17 November 2016Effective Date:17 November 2016
Rescinds:05 November 2008 Version
Index Category:Field Operations
This directive continues policy, procedures, and responsibilities when utilizing helicopter assistance during a motor vehicle pursuit .
  • A.The role of the helicopter during a motor vehicle pursuit is to provide aerial surveillance and communicate relevant information to pursuit units and monitoring supervisors.
  • B.The presence of the helicopter performing surveillance during a pursuit does not relieve involved members of the duties associated with initiating, continuing, monitoring, or terminating a vehicle pursuit.
  • A.A supervisor may request helicopter support at any phase of a motor vehicle pursuit .
  • B.When responding to a motor vehicle pursuit, helicopter operations personnel will:
    • 1.if possible, activate video surveillance equipment;
    • 2.immediately respond to the scene at the highest practical altitude;
    • 3.identify and monitor the location of the pursued vehicle;
    • 4.establish radio contact with the OEMC zone operator to make notification of their presence in the air and establish contact with the monitoring supervisor to provide relevant information.
  • C.After the pursuit has been terminated, helicopter operations personnel:
    • 1.may, if practical, continue surveillance of the pursued vehicle without transmitting its position.
    • 2.may, if practical, notify surrounding zones if a vehicle in a terminated pursuit enters into another district.
    • 3.may, if practical, notify appropriate ground units of the vehicle’s location when the pursued vehicle stops, parks, or is otherwise safe to approach.
    • 4.may, if practical, request OEMC notify outside jurisdictions if necessary.
    • 5.will complete a Traffic Pursuit Supplemental Report and forward it to the Traffic Review Board.
    • 6.will follow procedures for uploading and sharing copies of videos as outlined in Department directive entitled "Helicopter Operations Video System."
  • D.The helicopter, as part of the Cook County Helicopter Task Force, may perform surveillance of pursuits outside the City of Chicago and within Cook County.
Eddie T. Johnson
Superintendent of Police
16-057 CAW
1. -
  • An active attempt by a sworn member operating an authorized emergency vehicle to apprehend any driver or operator of a motor vehicle who, having been given a visual and audible signal by the officer directing such driver or operator to bring his or her vehicle to a stop, fails or refuses to obey such direction, increases or maintains his or her speed, extinguishes his or her lights, or otherwise flees or attempts to elude the officer.
    A routine traffic stop or other instance in which an officer activates his or her emergency lights and/or siren and the citizen/vehicle operator complies by coming to a stop in a reasonably short distance will NOT be considered a motor vehicle pursuit.